SBW's mission is to provide clients with unique architectural solutions that reflect the particular ideals, aesthetic tastes, functional needs and budgetary requirements of its clients. Such solutions simultaneously engender a more desirable physical environment while fostering more meaningful client relationships. With each project, SBW leverages its full resources towards the fulfillment of this mission.


Our registered professionals represent more than 70 years of collective professional experience. We understand the programmatic requirements of our projects and as such, our ability to understand the needs of our clients and to translate them into a rational program and design solution is second to none.


SBW is well equipped to provide its clients with the most efficient plan possible in terms of functional use, which will result in the realization of the most facility for the least in construction budget. In addition to a truly functional and flexible facility, SBW prides itself in the creation of architecture which is beautiful in its simplicity, balance and its relation to its surroundings. We fully recognize that the final product of our work together is our client's building, not ours. As such, our responsibility is to create a building that best serves the owner's functional, aesthetic and budgetary needs.


We believe that our clients have a right to know where their projects stand at any given moment. We strive to keep our clients informed of their project's progress throughout all phases of service. Through the sharing of bi-weekly meeting minutes, progress reports and field observation reports, our clients are kept informed of their project's progress at all times.


The masterplanning methodology devised and offered by SBW is logical, cohesive, easy to follow and will result in a comprehensive plan for future growth. At the conclusion of this process, any client will be fully able to explain why design decisions were made and how these decisions will, in future phases, unfold into a total facility which will continue to meet their specific needs for years to come.

3D Visualization

In an effort to increase our client's confidence and to assure that there are no surprises at the conclusion of the project, we have adopted a policy of presenting our design solutions through 3D modeling. In the final analysis, all parties involved, including the end users, will have a complete understanding of how their physical environments will appear and visually interact with existing facilities prior to the build. Best of all, SBW includes this service as part of our basic services.

Cost Containment

SBW has an excellent track record with regard to cost containment and budget control. This aspect of our service is likewise very important in that our clients know, at all times, where their construction dollars are being spent. We will appraise the established budget at the inception of the project so that time and fees are not expended needlessly.

Principal Involvement

Our clients work with both the principal-in-charge and the project architect from the beginning of the project until final payment to the contractor is certified. In this manner, our clients do not have to continually learn new personalities and the continuity of the project is preserved from phase to phase. Decisions can be made on the spot and our clients can be assured that their project is receiving our best care.

Construction Documentation

Our well established use of the ConDoc notation methodology on our AutoCad workstations contribute to a very comprehensive set of documents. SBW insists upon preparing such documents so that all contractors are bidding on the same defined components, resulting in greater competition, lower contract costs and fewer problems and cost escalating change orders during construction.

Field Observation

SBW spends significant time in the performance of our services during the construction administration phase of the project. We are present at least bi-weekly and many weeks more than once each week to help assure the Owner of a project which is in compliance with the construction contract as well as governmental requirements. On-site representation will be by the Project Architect so that when problems arise they can be discussed and resolved immediately. The principal-in-charge will also make frequent visits to the site to ensure that the Project is being closely observed.

Furnishings Acquisition

Through our subsidiary, SBW Interiors, we are able to provide our clients a complete turn-key service, from project start to project completion. SBW Interiors works with clients and their staff to select, price, purchase and install all interior furnishings, from hardware, furniture and appliances, to wall art and window treatments. With the buying power of SBW Interiors, our clients can be assured they're getting the greatest value for their dollar and completely within their overall budget.

Insurance Coverage

SBW provides additional safeguards for our clients in the form of professional liability insurance. This coverage is an important protection, which we provide and pay for, as part of the cost of doing business in a responsible and professional manner.

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"We appreciate how SBW met with us, listened to us and guided us through the process. We were particularly pleased with SBW's follow-up in working with our questions and our contractors."

Rev. Dr. Dennis M. Berkesch
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
Dearborn, MI

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