SBW/Architects believe that space is sacred to the wellness of being and that architecture serves as a foundation for prosperity and growth. These convictions are firmly shared by our entire staff and brought to life in the buildings we plan, design and construct.

SBW is committed to the creation of extraordinary architecture. Every design we create is unique because each seeks to satisfy a unique set of requirements on a unique site. Our designs are always contextual in nature and seek to harmonize with the immediate environment and surrounding community. Many recognize our work for its practical use of natural light, transparency, sense of movement and the highly functional, efficient and flexible characteristics of the spaces we design. Our solutions reflect an intuitive integration of the man-made environment and the natural environment while additions become part of the visual whole with seamless transition. Our designs anticipate expansion which remain as functional as at the start.

SBW brings to each project what we consider to be the most important elements of an architectural firm: clear, concise and timely communication; design creativity and the ability to properly organize and detail the building assembly for long-term performance; professional commitment and responsibility; extensive expertise; and a sensitivity to the functional, economic, and governmental contexts of each project. With each project we emphasize functional efficiency, responsiveness to the environment, strict adherence to life-safety requirements, accessibility, sustainable design principles and energy efficiency.

SBW's philosophy further emphasizes the need for comprehensive construction documents and attentive field observance. This personal attention better serves the interests of our clients and significantly reduces the complexity of the process.

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Clinton Township, MI 48035

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"I appreciated SBW's knowledge and experience and its ability to fashion our ideas into reality. It was a relief to have such a friendly team to work with and SBW never made any of us feel that we were asking 'dumb' questions."

Suzanne Cawdrey, Principal
St. Mary School
Pinckney, MI

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